1971 Land Rover Series IIA Restoration Gallery
1971 Land Rover Series IIA - Before Restoration
1971 Land Rover Series IIA - During Restoration
1971 Land Rover Series IIA - Finished Restoration

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I was like wow that Mercedes guy really looks like ⁦@NickRogersJLR⁩ in this ⁦@MotorTrend⁩ list! And no correction in the March magazine?

Land Rover Defender 2020 - Pivi Pro Infotainment System - Its Good But C... https://youtu.be/yQ-bjf80AyQ via @YouTube

No surprise but we can clearly see the parts we can't see in in the New Range Rover in the pics from the F-Pace refresh.

Does the Range Rover ever get to be the icon anymore?

Why does everything seem to go up hill instead of being the actual Range Rover setting the standard?

Cool @DougDeMuro update on his new Defender
Great vehicle where it counts, rough edges on the rest. Same issues with Mute as those @PowerfulUK guys I think.

As always seems like JLR engineers test everything in a bubble, no end-user tests.

This video is historical greatness - Aston Martin Factory Driver To Attempt 200 MPH Run With 40-Year-Old Bulldog | Carscoops https://www.carscoops.com/2021/01/aston-martin-factory-driver-to-attempt-200-mph-run-with-40-year-old-bulldog/#.X_ffTlgLVB8.twitter

Starting with the major restoration of a 1971 Land Rover Series IIA, ROVERHAUL grew into a hub for that restoration, a Land Rover Picture Gallery and Ovalnews, a Land Rover news site.

The restoration of our 1971 Land Rover Series IIA was a great time. We took it all the way down to the frame, touching nearly every nut & bolt. It documented the learning process for someone like me who loves driving cars, but didn’t have much experience tinkering with them. I had some amazing help from Chris, Sam, Faris & Kal – Could not have done it without them – after all, it was Sam who talked me into it and Faris who provided the space & more. Now looking back almost twenty years, I can only imagine how much more connected we would have been doing it now.

Currently between projects, I promise that 1981 Range Rover will drive like new one day. I’ve put up all the pictures (almost 1600) from the restoration along with some specific articles about what we did and how. I still hear from so many people asking all sorts of questions. I really try my best to answer each one. The number one question is always, “Can you restore my Rover?”. And I always have to answer the same way, these are all personal projects and not a true commercial endeavor. I do recommend anyone who has the passion, time and means to go for it. It’s a really interesting and rewarding project.

The Picture Galleries now have over 6000 images. You can see our projects, Land Rovers through the years and our huge collection of Land Rover advertisements, Press Releases and Official Photography. You can get a real feel for how Land Rover has advertised the vehicles from 1948 through today.

Our ROVERHAUL.com YouTube Channel is a great source for Land Rover videos. We’ve made our own and curated playlists of some others.

We were honored to have David Bowers do a great 4 page article on the ROVERHAUL project for the August 2007 issue of Land Rover Monthly. We love this magazine and it was an honor to be featured. Thanks LRM!

Land Rover Monthly – August 2007 – A Labour of Love