This project couldn't have been finished without the help of the great suppliers we found.

Rovers North -

Couldn't have done it without these guys. After initially dealing with aftermarket parts guys, I realized that genuine is the only way to go! Things just all fit and worked great!! And their staff is so helpful, absolutely the best!

POR-15 -

Hope this stuff works - we put it everywhere! Basically any exposed metal was treated, as they instructed, and painted with many coats of POR-15. We also used their manifold & engine paints. Also did a top coat in places with their chassis coat black. And as we found out, it's pronounced P. O. R. 15, not "pour-fifteen"

I spent days painting with this stuff and I'd prefer to never see it again - but I wouldn't have changed anything.

Big Flats Rivet Co.-


The one single task that we all were worried about was finding the proper rivets and tools for the galvanized trim. I did a lot of research and talked with a lot of people and finally found Jim Dix at Big Flats Rivet Co. He had everything we needed and the job was so easy and the results were just perfect.

Rovers Down South -

When Rovers North didn't have it, George at RDS came through. He had the heater parts I needed and they look and worked great. His genuine LR replacement breakfast is perfect.

British Wiring -

They couldn't have been more helpful and their product is just the best. After frying one wiring harness, they had another on it's way to me right away. Their cloth braided harnesses are really nice. I had to go with the PVC wrapped after the shorting mishap, and I actually like the layout of that one even better.

Rebel 4x4 -

Rear Bed Chequer Plate

This was the only place I could find online with the rear bed chequer plate parts I was looking for. Their site wasn't very clear, so I wound up order two extra parts I didn't actually need. I wish they would have told me some of the stuff was redundant. They wouldn't ship to the US, so Matt Savage was kind enough to receive the package and ship it to me here in NY.

Still great quality and highly recommended!

Expedition Imports -

Scott Dalton really came through for us with advice and suggestions. If you're looking for a local mechanic, he's top notch.

D.A.P. Enterprises -

Again, when Rovers North or RDS didn't have something, these guys have got it & more.

Nisonger -

Restored Gauges

My gauges weren't actually that bad, I thought, but after having them entirely rebuilt and refurbished by Nisonger, they looked absolutely Brand New!! -

Pertronix Ignitor

They had the Pertronix electronic ignition we installed in the Rover. It was a tricky install(our fault), but runs great - highly recommended if you want to lose the points.

Matt Savage -

A great UK Land Rover Part Source - he really helped me out with the chequer plate shipping.

John Craddock Spare -

Another great UK Land Rover Part Source - got the chequer floor plates from them.
Chequer Floor Plates - 5 Bar -

CS-130 Wiring Harness

They had the alternator harness for my CS130 Alternator. It was a simple upgrade - just soldiered a few wires into the harness which was ready for the alternator and it just plugged right in.

Buddy Lowman Painting -

I had quite a few things sand & media blasted there. Quick turn around and good quality.

P.A. Blanchard & Co. -

Rubber Gaiters

This company had the military type gaiters for the swivel balls. They were a pain to install, but I like them a lot better then the leather ones. Sort of an accordion look...

Check them out on the Rover

Genco Auto Electric -

I had the starter rebuilt here, I would use them again.

Atlantic British -

I bought the chassis from them. Most of the stuff they sell is aftermarket and almost fits. Their usual answer was "That's the way it is" I understand it's an old Rover, but the genuine stuff always just fit, so I stopped buying from them. We joked that everything we got from them was 1/8" off and if we used them for the entire car, by the end, the car would be an extra foot or two longer. Their aftermarket shoes didn't fit with their aftermarket drums, they suggested we grind down the shoes. I wound up just going genuine and they literally just slid right on. I won't tell you about the clutch plate they sold me.