Range Rover Links

Here are some of the sites I found while doing the project. They have some great info. Some overlap with the Series links.

Wod's Site - http://www.wods.dk/RangeRover/

One of the best Range Rover History sites I've found

Range Rover Register - http://www.rrr.co.uk/

Another great informational site

Rovers North Range Rover WWWBoard - http://catalog.roversnorth.com/wwwboard/w3bbrrframe.html

This is a board I check often, always great advice.

Expedition Imports - http://www.expeditionimports.org

I'm putting another link to Scott Dalton here. Check out his Forums for some great off-road pics.

Land Rover FAQ - http://www.fourfold.org/LR_FAQ/RR/

The FAQ has a lot of information. Definitely something anyone doing this type of thing should read.


eBay UK had some stuff that we don't have on the US eBay. I got a few really good deals, even with the currency exchange & shipping.


Cool forum - Thanks Phil

The Land Rover Orphanage - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/

Another eBay UK link - this guy sells everything through his ebay store - check it out for anything you can't find.

Hagerty Insurance - http://www.hagerty.com

A great company - their prices & support are great - if you need insurance for your classic - check them out.