Series IIA Links

Basil -

Great info on his Rover.

Bayou Rovers -

All sort of articles here.


East Coast Rovers -

These guys do some amazing work. Their pictures really gave us some good ideas.

My original plan was actually to just send my Rover to them, I'm sure it would have turned out the same, but wouldn't have been as much fun.

Guns & Rovers Webboard-

Good section of the board, has some tech articles

Rovers North Series WWWBoard -

This is a board I check often, always great advice.

Mustang Sallys Land Rover -

Good articles here

Expedition Imports -

I'm putting another link to Scott Dalton here. Check out his Forums for some great off-road pics.

The Series Shed -

Some good tech articles

Land-Rover FAQ -

The FAQ has a lot of information. Definitely something anyone doing this type of thing should read.

Chris & Leslie's Land Rover Stuff

More good tech info

eBay UK -

eBay UK had some stuff that we don't have on the US eBay. I got a few really good deals, even with the currency exchange & shipping.

TeriAnn's Expedition Land Rover site

Great info - A lot to read & learn!!

Cool forum - Thanks Phil

The Land Rover Orphanage

Another eBay UK link - this guy sells everything through his ebay store - check it out for anything you can't find.

Hagerty Insurance -

A great company - their prices & support are great - if you need insurance for your classic - check them out.

UPDATE 2007: Got my renewal for the insurance on the roverhaul fleet and was suprised to see that it was over $100 more then last few years. Apparently they now have a surcharge for anyone under 30 years of age with no exceptions. They've been the only insurance company I've used for the roverhaul vehicles & now without ever filing a claim & praising them on this site and to others in need of collectors insurance, they're raising my rates. It's not the money so much as the point of the whole thing. They've tried to work out a solution, I'll be 30 soon, but I still just don't like it.