Clubs & Affiliations

There are so many great Land Rover based organizations. Here are the ones we belong to. The great thing about all these clubs, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, or if you even own a Land Rover, they just provide great service to all.

Be sure to check out their sites

Series Two Club

Series Two Club -
If your hinges stand proud, then you're one of our crowd!

Member since 2007

The Land Rover Series One Club

The Land Rover Series One Club -

Application Submitted

Ottawa Valley Land Rovers

Ottawa Valley Land Rovers-

Member since 2007

These guys have a great site and while I may not be Canadian, I don't think they mind. Like the other clubs, they take everyone, even Americans.

Range Rover Register

Range Rover Register-

Member since 2007

The Club for Range Rover Owners and Enthusiasts